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The D550 model is a sporty coupé on the water for 5 people, with a sleeping cabin for two, offering unforgettable experiences thanks to advanced technology and elegant design.

On the other hand, the D6 is a spacious day-cruiser for those who value spending time on the water in larger groups, perfect for 8 people, combining luxury with functionality.

Both models represent innovation and the highest quality, defining a unique waterborne lifestyle.

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The D550  a sleek sports coupé on water designed for five, features a two-person sleeping cabin and delivers memorable experiences through its sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology.

D6  emerges as a spacious day-cruiser, ideal for larger gatherings up to eight, melding luxury with practicality for those who cherish time on the water.

Both models stand as testaments to innovation and supreme quality, embodying a distinct lifestyle of aquatic elegance.

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